My Bracket…

Here it is…read it and weep…….for me.



“I’m a YouTube Celebrity”

Last night, I went to Blockbuster to feed my addiction to “The Office”, and came across some “young folk”, who were obviously out too late on a school night (It is Spring Break, so their parents must not care at this point). They couldn’t be more than 17-ish.  Anyway, I found the DVD that I was looking for and as I headed for the counter, I overheard the young female of the group exclaim “I’m a YouTube Celebrity! I have 206 subscribers!”

Uhhhh, what?

206 subscribers…to the YouTube account of a CHILD?? The first question I had, as a parent of a daughter who is more and more aware of the internet everyday was “What could you be taking videos of that could make so many people interested in you?” Seriously, this girl looked like she just got her drivers licence YESTERDAY…but there she was, speaking about her vast YouTube audience. 

It really got me thinking about kids, and their savvy when it comes to new media. Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube…the younger generation will be the ones to lead us into the future. We really must allow them to embrace all of it, as long as we do not let our guard down. Maybe we as parents should take the initative, stay on par with the kids in this new digital world.

While I am on the subject of YouTube, I enjoy searching the call letters of TV stations from across the country, especially from my hometown of Sacramento. There are TONS of great clips from years past that I remember as a kid. This is one from KCRA in Sacramento (still the BIG TV station Sacramento) from the 80’s. It’s the famous poem “High Flight”, with some cool  jet planes at the beginning.

I also saw one of my favorites from KOVR, but now it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube…it was the one with the bee who puts the call letters in his nightcap and goes to sleep on top of the TV…I HAVE to find that again!


It’s finally NCAA Tournament time. I have once again filled out a bracket, even though my knowledge of College Basketball is similar to my knowledge of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

 If you care, I will post my bracket as soon as I figure out how to save a PDF to .jpg.

In the mean time, here are your National Champions:


Sorry, Memphis fans, I have you leaving in the Elite Eight at the hands of Texas…in Texas.  Sorry, but it’s a financial thing.  No hard feelings…Go Tigers.

Cat People

Have you had these types of pictures e-mailed to you?


Yes, they are meant to show us how cute their cats are.  Here is another example…


 Nice to see they posed their kitty next to their smokes, huh? Yes…cute…but totally UNREALISTIC!!!

I am a bit of a cat person. I may have 3 dogs now, but that is only because my oldest cat decided that she had had enough of us, and left for the big litter box in the sky. She was cute once, but she understood the pecking order:






Any other living organisms

Dead mice


Yes, she would have taken out all 3 dogs, in a sinister and evil way if she could.

This is an example of her typical attitude towards the world around her:


She drinks your milkshake…

Yes, she was cute…and yes, she could mess up your world…THAT is reality. Cats are cute to a point, and then they only care about world domination. “Let’s see…how can we make the humans understand that we mean business? Oh Yes! I will place a dead mouse at his feet to show hm what I am capable of and that I am NOT to be trifled with!”

Binkley, 1990-2007.

Winter is like Charles Bronson

It’s back…and it’s G@& Dam^ed Pi$$ed Off!

It is snowing in Memphis. They are expecting at least 5 inches of this stuff by later tonight. Or, as they call it in Utah: “A Slow News Day

Here is a photo from out of my studio window from just moments ago:


Since the only snow removal equipment within 50 miles is at the end of our arms, the City Of Memphis is closed…please follow the official snow policy and stock up on Canned Asparagus and other essentials. We may not make it thru the night… I will be following my snow plans…which involve a bottle of Cabernet and a hunk of Asiago…

 Happy Motoring! Please drive through….