It’s a special day…


Today, my lovely wife, Brenda, and I are celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss, and 19 years together.

Thank you for putting up with me all this time. I love you very much…



Now, what did you get me? 🙂



Good for her!

Nice to see that Lindsay Lohan is deciding to find some balance in her life, and give love a try.

The lucky guys name is Sam Ronson, and he is a DJ. Not sure how long they’ve been together, but they’ve been spotted out and ab—-, hold on. I’m getting a text message. What? You’re kidding me! Sam Ronson is…a…..a………..GIRL???


Are you sure? Could have fooled me… Normally that development makes these types of things much more interesting. Not in this case, however. Sam sure looks like a dude, and and ugly dude at that. Kind of like he/she/it used to play bass for A Flock of Seagulls.

Normally. I’d want some sort of confirmation here as to the exact gender of this person. But, I just had breakfast…who knows what is going on there?

THEORY: Does Linds-bian KNOW that Sam is a girl? Hmmm. Interesting. Could be surprising, kind of like a reverse “Crying Game”. Awkward… “Hey, what’s going on over WHAT THE HELL??????”


To all 67 of you who voted…


Even though I had no knowledge that I was included in the poll, 67 people somehow found my name on the THIRD page of the WREG Favorite DJ Poll.


All of you ROCK! If you can verify that you voted for me…I will give you a dollar.

That’s apparently what the guys who won did…To quote Jill Bucko…”I’m just sayin'”.

At least I beat Mike Fleming…


I normally don’t geek out about…well…anything. Especially Superhero movies. I must admit, I was NOT  a fan of any of the Spiderman Movies. Tobey Maguire is the kid who rode SeaBiscuit…and nothing more to me.

I never geek out about much of anything..Until now.

Spent Mother’s Day the way it deserved to be spent, watching Iron Man.



THAT was cool. We even took the kids to see it (aged 11 and 6), and suprisingly, they really dug it too. And as for my wife, well, she saw the big muscle man in the suit and was not impressed. After all, she already has me…whatever. But, she really enjoyed it as well. You may ask why i took the kids to something as potentially violent as “Iron Man”. Simple, because they asked. I’m such a pushover…If they ask for WMD’s…my gosh, they are just cute enough that I may say yes…Go, have fun you little scamps! Take out Al Qaida for the old man! Careful with that Jericho Missile! Don’t stay out too late!

I’m not saying a word about the plot. You have to see it for yourself.  In light of all of his personal issues of the past, Robert Downey Jr. is awesome in this. A flawed person…playing a flawed person. And yes, Jon Favreau directed it and has a small part as Tony Stark’s limo driver. Speaking of “SeaBiscuit”, Jeff Bridges scared the hell out of me as Tony’s partner/nemesis.

I know it makes no sense to blog about something and yet say virtually nothing about it, but I can’t help it. Also, if you want a BADASS cameo appearance…stay ’til the end of the credits. Nuff said.

Words that can get you busted for pot or kicked off American Idol…


Way to go, Dred-boy…You sing a Bob Marley tune (badly), and then forget the words of a 60’s stoner classic like “Mr. Tamborine Man”? Back away from the bowl, Jason.

And David “No-Soul” Archuleta still doesn’t move when he performs. I am now convinced that he is animatronic. Like the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride…no life on the inside. He’s just pre-programmed (well, he IS from Utah…that may explain it).

David Cook is still the man…Baba O’Riley? That was pretty cool…