Just in time for BBQ Fest…

With the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest less than 2 weeks away here in Memphis, the timing of this couldn’t be better. A friend of mine sent me a link today just trying to gross me out…instead, I may try this.

Get ready for:




Yes, BACON-FLAVORED VODKA! Now, I;m not much of a vodka drinker…I’m more of a beer and wine guy…but I do LOVE bacon! No, I’m not anywhere near the point that Homer Simpson was before his bypass, but I have been known to enjoy a pork-product or two from time to time. And yes, I will be in a rib-induced coma by the end of next week at Tom Lee “Pork”. But, if it’s been a hellova party and you don’t want it to end at 7am, skip the trip to Waffle House, and enjoy a sip of some “Old Ziffle”.


Think I’m kidding? Here is the recipe that I was sent (not checked for validity, but it sounds kinda good):

Ingredients: Bacon, Vodka (unflavored, but Absolut Peppar might work), Peppercorns

Fry up 3 strips of bacon. Add the bacon to a regular sized Mason Jar and trim the ends that extend out of the jar. Add the trimmed pieces back to the jar (or you can just crumble all of the bacon pieces and put them in the jar…your move). Add 1 tbsp of crushed Black Peppercorns to jar (use half if using Absolut Peppar). Fill the Mason Jar with vodka. Tightly cap and store at room temperature in a dark location for no less than 3 weeks to allow bacon flavor to infuse into vodka. After 3 weeks, place your bacon vodka jar in the freezer to solidify the fats. Strain the fats and bacon pieces through a paper coffee filter into a container. Discard bacon pieces and fats.

That’ll do pig…that’ll do.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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