Lack of frosty, cold, blog-ness…

Yeah, I know…I’ve been pretty bad about staying on top of the blog. Been kind of a busy week. You know how it goes…unless you, like, blog for a living. Then you don’t know the real meaning of busy…someday you will know. Probably at the moment when your mom finally kicks you out of the basement (see Launch, Failure To).

It’s not for a lack of material, I can tell you that much. In a week that took George Carlin away from us and gave us the Mini-Me Sex Tape…there should be plenty to discuss.

So what to blog about? Maybe it’s the fact that I will finally be sleeping in my own bed for the first time in over 2 weeks.  No, it’s not for the obvious reasons (see Tool, Lance can be one sometimes), it’s the fact that we have been getting our floors re-done in our master bedroom and living room.

Yes…the carpet is gone. (But, Why is the rug gone?) Well, let us tell you, Captain Jack..

First off, we have dogs. Dogs who like to chew and pee. (see Stains, The dogs peed and made). Second, we’ve always liked the look of natural surfaces. So, we decided to go with the coolest new idea, Concrete Stain. (See Stain, Non-canine).

We looked for several options and folks who could do this for us, and found a 2-man crew who did a very good job, with one notable exception. Our concrete floors have this fiber material in them, apparently to strengthen the concrete. It works. The problem is, after the stain crew did their work and re-finished the floors, the fibers hardened, and stood straight up, like little velcro hooks. Didn’t see THAT coming…I noticed them as I tired to walk barefoot across the new floor.  So, the floors had not a smooth shine to them, but instead gave the impression that they needed a shave…badly.

So, we decided to rent a belt sander and sand down the fibers again and have the floors re-finished.  Lesson learned. My floors are now as smooth as can be, and we are ready to move back into our bedroom.  Biggest new issue, is that without carpet there is now a distinct echo in our bedroom. That could be problematic, if you catch my drift (See Monkey, Howler).

Socks make great indoor skates. Time for some floor hockey.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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