My California Travellog…

I have arrived in California. And yes…it’s a dry heat. Try about 100 degrees today, but 0% humidity. Niiiiiice. I can dig that. After arriving yesterday and being awake for about 21 hours straight (with the exception of the near constant state of exhaustion on the plane), I have taken it easy today. We did, however, decide to head to a local park and let the kids play. Since there was little or no shade where the kids could play, we mostly sat on the grass and watched the wild turkeys. Yes…Wild Turkeys (it’s not just a beverage). There were wild turkeys roaming around under the oak tree near our location. My kids thought that this was the coolest thing ever, since they’d only seen turkeys on TV, or wrapped up in the freezer case with the word “BUTTERBALL” across their chest.

Gobble, Gobble...punks.

How wrong am I that I immediately thought “Wow…a little gravy and some marinade…” I also noticed how lean the turkeys were. Not that fat at all, and definately mature since they had chicks. So, what does that say about the typical Thanksgiving turkey? Lazy freaks of nature…getting plumped up just so we can feel like we are eating more…what do they do to those turkeys to fatten them up so much? Gotta be free-range baby.

A little bit of wilderness, in this suburban world.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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