All Work, No Play, No Dark Knight

This could also have been titled, “Weekend at Bruce Wayne’s….NOT”!  I may still change it. Give me time…

This weekend was spent as all weekends without the family should, drinking, watching TV, and cleaning out my bathroom sink. Yes, I spent the better part of a hour and a half cleaning out a clog under my bathroom sink. For that, I am accomplished. Love me, and the gooey ickyness that is my bathroom. All I could think of as I was putting the pipes back under the sink was…”Did I do THAT????”

I also took out the mower and laid waste to my lawn. It is now clean and new again. We no longer have the appearance of a house that used to have a car on blocks has. For that, I am accomplished.

I also drank a LOT of beer. For that, I cannot feel my face. Yet, I am accomplished.

I, however, did NOT get to see “The Dark Knight”. Which, if you hadn’t heard, made over 1.7 Billion Dollars in one weekend, cured cancer, and lowered gas prices to 63 cents per gallon. Yes, It’s that good, and I missed it. I will see it later this week, when it will only take 7 hours in line to get into the theater.

In teh meantime. Ron Olson and Brett did see “The Dark Knight”, they got into the spirit by dressing up. They are so much fun as you can see below.

We live in our parents basement!
We live in our parents basement!


Yes, just a cheap excuse to post that picture. Sorry. My blog is starting to look more and more like Ron’s Blog everyday…I have to stop now.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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