Samuel Adams…Lance Ballance. No resemblance.


It’s a glorious night without the wife and kids once again. They are due back on Sunday, and I am ready to spend a few quality days with them. However, since my single days are winding down, I need to enjoy my single man-style while I can. And tonight…that means Homebrewed Beer. Homebrewed…by me. You got it. I have been a fledgling homebrewer for quite some time, and since I am a sponge for knowledge, I have done as much as I can to learn about the craft, and try some recipes. Some chefs work in pastry, or pasta. I work in Hops and Barley. So here I sit, enjoying a craft beer of my own design. I’ve even got a name for it: “Old Broadcaster”. Nice, huh?  It took about 6 weeks from boiling to beer, and I finished with around 40 bottles of beer. I’m down to about 36, now… J

I call this…happiness.

A lot of guys love to share the meat they grill, so why not show pride in my creation? I’m looking forward to my next batch. I may try something more aggressive, like a porter or stout. I’m a big fan of heavier beers, such as Guinness. Maybe, I can give Sam Adams a nervous night with my special brew. Or, maybe not.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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