You’ve Got Mai……no, you don’t.

I hate this. I have no e-mail service. I have had the same e-mail address for 11 years now, and have never had a service interruption…until now. The company that hosts my e-mail had a, well…boo-boo. So, it now appears that I will not be able to receive any e-mail until about Saturday. Crap. And, it’s at the worst possible time. Having decided to declare free-agency, I have been using e-mail as a primary way to communicate with potential new destinations, and now feel totally cut-off from the world. You never realize how reliant we are on technology, until it slaps you right square on the butt.

So, if you have sent me an e-mail at without a response…you now know why. I will get your e-mail, “when” seems to be the question. But, I have been assured that it is being fixed. By a guy named “Milton”, no doubt.

I will fix your e-mail when I get another Pina Colada...
I will fix your e-mail when I get another Pina Colada...

Plus, I’ve been expecting a lot of e-mails with new opportunities to come from overseas dictators who have stashed millions of dollars in a coup of their countries. How will I be able l to help them get their hands on the money and receive a modest 10% fee if I cannot send all of my personal info to them RIGHT NOW????? Sucks for them…my e-mail is down. Can’t help you, Mr. Djimbe Mutuwatawanga of the Royal Family of Zimbonakeshamar…you lose.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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