Yeah, it’s been a while…

I almost feel bad about not blogging much over the past few weeks. After all, it’s not like I moved out of my house to another state to take a new (infinitely BETTER) job…or is it? Oh yeah, all that stuff happened.

I can now confirm that even though I am happily married with kids…I am living the bachelor life. 1 bedroom apartment, mattress on floor, only beer and wine in fridge…no furniture…no problem.  However, this being me, there had to be some dramatic calamity that caused aggravation, and I got it my very first night in the apartment.

This guy...will make your deposit "non-refundable".
This guy...will make your deposit non-refundable.

No, I didn’t have Nordic Warriors conducting drills on my deck, I just needed an excuse to run this picture. Governor Conan… tee hee… Huh? Oh….AHEM! Anyway, I decided to run the dishwasher once with no dishes in it, just to make sure that it was totally clean (Just a habit…I’m not obsessive complu—DAMMIT! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8!) . After a few moments of hearing the dishwasher run, I noticed that a small puddle was forming on the floor. Small in the sense of: “Rhode Island is a small state…but it still takes an hour to drive across”. I immediately turned off the dishwasher and opened the cabinet doors. A simple hose had come undone. Not a real tragedy. I simply used a key to tighten the camp and we were back in business. However, I needed to use my brand new towels to mop up the mess. I had no paper towels, so I had to get out the good linens…bummer.

Looking for these, sailor?
Looking for these, sailor?

After wiping up Lake Superior, I placed the towels in my kitchen sink, but needed one to mop up a bathroom spill (no showercurtain). I then left that towel on the bathroom floor overnight. The next evening, it was time to wash said towels. I placed them in a plastic grocery bag and headed for the laundry room. When it came time to take the towels out of the bag, I noticed a noise in the bag. Then…a movement. Uh Oh. I had no clue what was inside, but finally got a peek at the source of the issue. The beast and I were face to face…



It was this guy…a small lizard/gecko/thing had either crawled into the plastic bag…or had taken up residence in my towels back at the apartment. So, I may very well have more small lizard type creatures in my bachelor pad…or not. I made sure to release the creature back into the wild, and allowed it to live.

Nothing like a little nature in suburbia.


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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