I am now a prisoner…

…a prisoner of Technology.

Let me clarify by sayng that I LOVE gadgets.  My laptop…HDTV…technology is my friend. However, my friend has just become more of a part of my life than I could ever imagine:

I have a Blackberry.

Not Actual Size
Not Actual Size

Yes, I am now connected 24/7 to the world around me, as my employer has purchased a BlackBerry for my use.  I have a BlackBerry Pearl, which I will be exchanging for one that has an actual keyboard…like my Treo. I feel like when I send an e-mail, that I am using my daughters phone to text my friends…since the keys can represent 2 different letters. RUwitme? This means that when you type, it guesses what you are saying, and goes from there. I am not amused. No one guesses what Lance Ballance has to say…they are to understand and obey my words. I want…..keys.

It may cost me, but I will be uprading to the Curve or Storm when that comes out. The Pearl is just too…too………..cute for me.



Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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