Ashton Kutcher=Idiot

Just watch this…and see if you don’t want to hurl a brick at the TV every time That 70’s Show comes on…

I hope he used one of those cool cameras that he plugs in the commercials.



The Really Big Game…

Yes, park rangers…This Sunday celebrates the one day of the year when all walks of life sit down at the communal TV and celebrates the Great American Game…

Turn it to Animal Planet...or we'll vanquish the earth.
Turn it to Animal Planet...or we'll vanquish the earth.

It’s the PUPPY BOWL!!!


Uhhh, yep.

Animal Planet will be holding Puppy Bowl 5 on Sunday on Animal Planet. Don’t believe me? Here is the link…

I’m not sure of the premise, but it may involve dogs catching balls that are not thrown by Kurt Warner.  The balls thrown by Kurt Warner…will probably be caught by Troy Polamalu.

...there may or may not be a man under that helmet.
...there may or may not be a man under that helmet.

Is it too early to think of the commercials that will air during the Puppy Bowl? Since it’s on cable, we may be able to get away with seeing the PETA ad that NBC won’t allow. Tell you what, go ahead a take a look to judge for yourself…

Yes, that was just a cheap excuse to post that video. Anything to drive the web traffic! And…what a segue from puppies to girls! Yay me!

Day One…

Okay, Tuesday is the day that Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of these United States. How do I feel about this? I don’t feel anything, other than I better see my taxes go up because of the $170,000,000 inaugural.  Just don’t screw it up, and we’ll be good. Did I vote for Obama? No…but don’t judge…I have my reasons.

Why I am posting something fairly political on a webpage that has more to do with who gets more votes on American Idol? Simple…because I care about our audience, and that would be you. Much has been said about the change that will take place during our new President’s adminstration. How diamonds will fall from the sky and we’ll all have electric cars by Noon Wednesday…just because there is change. Guess what, students…ain’t gonna happen.

My advice, as a manager of some sort, is to continue to work hard no matter what you do. Those are the goals that I set for my own employees and for my family. Do not expect anything that you did not earn yourself. that is how we can and will change. What do I expect from our new President? Honestly…not much. Then again, I didn’t expect much from Bush, Clinton, or Bush. I’m not asking for a handout…and no one else should either. And anyone who tells me that my life will get better just because I voted for you, is a liar…pure and simple. Prove to me that you mean what you say…and then do it. that’s what Barry needs to do…stop making speeches until the job is done. When the economy is back to normal, and we all get surplus checks instead of tax bills, then…I will have your back.

Good luck, President Obama…now go to work and I’ll think about keeping you around in 4 years. If not…I’m calling Mitt.

It’s McBack!

Think carefully…what is more important to our nations future and success? A new President (who I’m convinced will unzip his body suit and turn out to be either Kang or Kodos from the Simpsons…it’s a two party system), or a sure-fire way to stimulate the economy without the need of a Trillion Dollar Bailout.

I vote for the tasty alternative…

This, will make your heart sing...and hurt.
This, will make your heart sing...and hurt.

Somewhere, choirs sing and children shout. Hosanna!!! The McRib has returned!!!

I'm screwed...
I'm screwed...

The most exciting thing to hit the McDonalds Menu in years has returned. Yes, the item that has spawned a legion of fans and devotees, and even an entire Simpsons episode (Remember Krusty’s Ribwich??) has made a triumphant return to our lives.  In fact, the McRib has such a fanbase, that if any followers are looking for the Holy Grail of Processed Pseudo-Pork, there is a website to help you find your prize.

You know what they say…if you can find a greasier sandwich, you’re in Mexico!

Better Spiderpig up there than us!
Better Spiderpig up there than us!

I don’t feel so good…but I’m goin’ back for lunch today.

Uhhhh, what?

Every once in a while you wait for someone to say something so ridiculous…so unbelievable that you have to share it and comment about it. Usually, you hope that the person making the comment is otherwise trustworthy and honest, and that this is just the proverbial “brain fart”…

This is NOT one of those times…

Read on. From Starpulse…

Paris Hilton: ‘I’ve Only Slept With A Couple Of People’.

respects herself too muchParis Hilton has only slept with “a couple of people” – because she respects herself too much.

The Simple Life star has had high profile relationships with former Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden, but is currently single after splitting from the rocker in November. And Hilton insists she just kisses the majority of her suitors, and plays “hard to get” to ensure men are serious about dating her.

She tells Glamour magazine, “I’ve only done it (had sex) with a couple of people. People make up stories, but mostly I just kiss. I think it’s important to play hard to get. Nobody wants the fake Prada bag; they want the brand new bag that no one can get and is the most expensive. If you give it up to a guy he won’t respect you; he’ll want you much more if he can’t have you.”

Uhhhh, huh?

…because she respects herself too much.

I am convinced that either Paris has suffered a severe head injury, or that all of the $1000 bottles of champagne she has consumed have caused irreversible damage, and that she has forgotten most all of the past few years. The good news is, that she has the money to seek the best doctors in the world to get treatment for this scary condition…she obviously remembers nothing before…say, Tuesday?

Besides, you usually aren’t sleeping when…well, you know..doing what Paris does best.

Pray for Paris! Get well, America’s Sweetheart!!!

The World Series…of Beer Pong

No, that is not a typo…nor am I pranking you. This past weekend in Las Vegas…where dreams come with a $4.99 lobster buffet…the finals of The World Series of Beer Pong were held.

That’s right. The World Series of…….BEER PONG!

Don’t believe me? Here is the link you need to check out.

I can't caption speaks for itself.
I can't caption speaks for itself.

Congratulations go out to Ron Hamilton and Michael Popeilarski of Long Island, otherwise known as “Smashing Time”, for winning the 4th (4th?) WSOBP at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

Hamilton, who prepared for the finals by downing a bottle of Jack Daniels…his words…and Popeilarski outlasted over 400 teams to take home a $50,000 grand prize.  Hamilton was quoted as saying: “The key today was me getting real drunk and my partner not missing, and us coming out and proving we were the best”…

I’m not making this up…


Don’t believe me? Here is a link to the story from a reputable…and sober, news source.

aannnnnnnnnnd another link.

Chase your dreams, I always say.

On a related note…we have a photo of the latest member inducted into the Beer Pong Hall of Fame…

He has mad beer pong skillz
He has mad beer pong skillz

…or maybe not.

Way to keep justifying those student loan payments, champs.