How I want to spend my remaining years…

Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s been a while. I have this thing called “a life”, which sometimes gets in the way of my childish and wanton posting of videos and nasty food products. My bad.

Besides, I actually prefer the two way street of actual communication.  In that eventuality…write on my Facebook wall and I’ll be snarky right back to ya.

That being said, while surfing aimlessly…I came upon a device that I think I want to be buried in. Since I am apt to spend upwards of 17 hours a day in the shower, I have found “Shower Ecstacy”.

Michael Jackson slept here...
Michael Jackson slept here...

This is the ultimate in shower technology.  It’s got a freakin’ MP3 player!!! This thing will get you clean…and pregnant at the same time. For the “rest of the story”…click here.

I may never get out…


Author: Lance Ballance

No TV and No Beer make Lance...something something...

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