Blast From The Past…

Loved this song…but another example of a rocker who should not have tried to act out the lyrics of his song. Just hit play, and close your eyes. Or turn off the computer monitor and let the speakers do the work.

Tony Carey-A Fine Fine Day


Do not try this at home…

Yes, it’s thunderstorm season again. And, with that, come tornadoes. This is a very cool video that was shot INSIDE a tornado.  Yes…everyone was okay. No meterologists were injured in the making of this film.

If I could find the video of Les Nessman describing what to do when the tornadoes attack…I’d post that too.

…pretty cool, huh?

David Carradine…’nuff said.

Shocked…shocked I am after logging into my blog today. Why am I shocked? Quite frankly…I’m stunned that anyone actually READS this steamer of a blog. I’m also stunned after looking at the stats that 3 people found it by Googling my name. Who would Google me? (I’m looking at you, Perez…stop calling me.)

But, I happily digress.

David Carradine is dead. Not in the “Kill Bill” manner that I honestly expected him to go out in. But somehow he found a way to go out in an even more outrageous manner.

Hands…and junk…joined by rope.

Not going to get into specifics…just in case my 12 year old daughter was one of the ones Googling my name (in that case…the weird My Little Pony/Transformers mashup is the next post down). But, let’s just say in Thailand…where Bill ultimately “met the Bride”…it may (or may not) be referred to as “natural causes”.

But, what about David’s film legacy? Wow…where do you start? In my opinion, it all starts and ends with one…shining monument to cinematic glory…


I first saw this movie sitting on a video store shelf in 1982, and must have worn out the tape with repeated rentals. It also aired during the time we were pirating HBO in the early 80’s. For those who don’t know…click here for the Wikipedia, I simply don’t have the time and am stealing a wireless connection. Media…should be free.

This scene may sum it all up. David Carradine (as Frankenstein), in a small fit of road rage.

The added bonus, is that at the end of the clip, we enjoy about 5 seconds of the single greatest radio personality to EVER grace the mic…The Real Don Steele.  With him…and also appearances by “Gopher” from The Love Boat and a young Sylvester Stallone…this movie makes my “Lance Ballance VHS-Tory” collection. Just awesome…

……oh, and don’t tie yourself up, kids. Dying is bad.