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The Road Less Traveled…

Well, here we are again.

July 28, 2017. To say that the past few weeks and months have been odd, is an understatement of epic proportion. Soon, I’ll be posting up some journals and thoughts about the world, and what I’ve been through lately. So be sure to watch this space.  I am getting back to blogging, writing, and also therapeutically putting “pen to paper” so to speak.

The road less traveled, is the one I’ve been on recently…through very, very good times…and very, very sad.  Right now, it’s all about the reset button. Starting over, while remembering those I love and have loved, and promising to be a better person for the good of the world, and for myself. I’ve seen so much negativity lately…both in my personal and professional lives.  I wish that people would realize that nothing is so important that it should cloud your world, yet I saw it all the time. I wish nothing but love to those absent friends, that they find peace and happiness somehow. Trust me, if you want to see true negativity…I wish you could have walked in my shoes this past month.

Keep watching this space. I’ll also post reminders up online of new blog entries. Some of these…will absolutely shock you. 🙂

Be good to each other…prayers are powerful, and love like you mean it.

After all, it is what it is…

Everything old is new again…including my material.

I’ve came to a realization earlier today. That was: “Wait….I have a BLOG?????”  yep, I had all but forgotten (again) that I have this outlet for conversation, creativity, and bacon-related topicality.  I will admit that I had fallen into a trap that everything I say must be in 140 characters or less…but then it hit me. I’m a long-winded freak. So, here we are once again. On the precipice of random thought and expression. Those roads…should sometimes stay parallel, and never…ever, cross. If I wanted to share the inspiration that lead me here today. It’s pretty simple. Throwback. Freaking. Thursday. Yes, just trying to be somewhat creative for Throwback Thursday brought me to a review of photos that I had taken and shared over the years…and after a Lougle search of my name (I prefer to believe the events of “Hot Tub Time Machine” actually happened) , I stumbled on some very cute pictures of the Junior Ballances.

This is how I will always think of my kids.

I had included this image to a blog post from 2008, where I shared the events of a random day with my family in Birmingham, Alabama. The full post, can be found right………… Notice the easy, breezy way that I tell the story of my youngest, and a not-so-obvious mustard gas attack. I have to get back into that groove. So if, you will indulge me, I will once again share the absurdity that is my thought process in blog form.

Dammit….I said BLOG form, not POG FORM!

It’s good to be back, America. #tbt

Has it been this long?

How wrong is it that it took me GOOGLING MY OWN NAME before I re-discovered this blog. Wow, my own narcissism, is what brought me back.

Example of above mentioned narcissism...

I can’t deny that the past 7 years (and especially the past 2 1/2) have been interesting, if not downright scary at times. However, I am in a wonderful place, with a great company, and family that are genuinely excited about coming to Florida to live. For that…I am thankful.

I could go on and on about what has happened in my life since I last explored the blogosphere…about the experiences that life has given me, about realizing what is truly important, and how not to take the smallest things for granted. But instead:


Little Friskies...or I pluck the dog's eye out like Pai Mei taught me.

It’s good to be back, America…

Holy crap…

Hello, blogosphere…my old friend…

How long has it been? Quite a while, I guess. If you have been a regular follower of this blog (and if you are…why?) you’ll notice I have not posted a new one in quite some time.I wish I had a good reason for this…but I don’t. So……….deal with my laziness.

I’ll have a more detailed, and humorous post in the next day or two, so until then…enjoy this photo of the awesome power of birds.

Just curious…

How in the HECK am I getting any hits, with such a paltry amount of interaction? Geez? Up to 90-100 per day? Wow…y’all are just desperate. I know my missives have been few and far between. But, I have a good excuse:

Inside the Presidential loo...
Inside the Presidential loo...

I’m making these…

Not LITERALLY, mind you…although it could be more lucrative, albeit felonious.

Nah…I have a job. A damn good one, if I do say so my damn self.  Because of that…I don’t have as much time to search for the absurdity in life, it just shows up at my office door now.

That being said…more stuff I love. And YES, I would have done this too with my kids, my wife knows this.


I am almost done with vacation…a well-deserved one in my opinion (your actual opinion my vary. I am currently at the airport in Las Vegas, waiting for my (now delayed) plane. I am on a layover (Not that kind of layover, but what happens in Vegas…), and am bored out of my mind.  I am tired of the slot machines…although the Star Wars ones seem pretty cool…

Not Droids.
Not Droids.

I spent last week in Sacramento on vacation. For the first time in YEARS, I was able to enjoy the 4th of July with my family. It’s a (pun intended) blast. The capper to the night was the immolation of over $1000 in fireworks.  We celebrated our Nation’s independence the only way Real Americans should…by blowing shit up.

Oh say can you...RUN!!!!
Oh say can you...RUN!!!!

After that, the week was a collection of memories. From Golf with my in-laws, to a day trip to San Francisco, and all points in the middle…I had fun. And I want to come back.

However, I must stop, my laptop battery is croaking. However, to close this missive, the guy sitting next to me has a freakin’ bar code tattooed on his arm. You read correctly, A BAR CODE!  I really want to look it up to see what it is for…or how much this yutz thinks he’s worth. What are you…a steak?

Scan me...I'm special, and $1.99 a pound.
Scan me...I'm special, and $1.99 a pound.

Tattoo fail.

Day One…

Okay, Tuesday is the day that Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of these United States. How do I feel about this? I don’t feel anything, other than I better see my taxes go up because of the $170,000,000 inaugural.  Just don’t screw it up, and we’ll be good. Did I vote for Obama? No…but don’t judge…I have my reasons.

Why I am posting something fairly political on a webpage that has more to do with who gets more votes on American Idol? Simple…because I care about our audience, and that would be you. Much has been said about the change that will take place during our new President’s adminstration. How diamonds will fall from the sky and we’ll all have electric cars by Noon Wednesday…just because there is change. Guess what, students…ain’t gonna happen.

My advice, as a manager of some sort, is to continue to work hard no matter what you do. Those are the goals that I set for my own employees and for my family. Do not expect anything that you did not earn yourself. that is how we can and will change. What do I expect from our new President? Honestly…not much. Then again, I didn’t expect much from Bush, Clinton, or Bush. I’m not asking for a handout…and no one else should either. And anyone who tells me that my life will get better just because I voted for you, is a liar…pure and simple. Prove to me that you mean what you say…and then do it. that’s what Barry needs to do…stop making speeches until the job is done. When the economy is back to normal, and we all get surplus checks instead of tax bills, then…I will have your back.

Good luck, President Obama…now go to work and I’ll think about keeping you around in 4 years. If not…I’m calling Mitt.