My, my, my…California looks like a good option right about now.

It is icy outside. Very. To the point that the dogs (who are now confusing the words “carpet” and “toilet”) are not amused about having to go outside to do what dogs do. They…kind of hate me. Wonderful.

Too cute for wor...OHHH! GROSS!!!!!!!
Too cute for wor...OHHH! GROSS!!!!!!!

However, it could be worse. Right now, the East Coast is under the grip of evil.

No...the OTHER evil that is taking over the East Coast!

Evil weather. It’s making people a bit loopy. The Federal Government has shut down due to bad weather, which amazingly…the Obama Administration has not yet blamed on the previous administration.

The good news is that we get to see weather-folk really shine at times like this. I’m not talking about their prognostication skills, I mean…they actually, finally, have something to get EXCITED about!

Like…this guy.

Lovingly borrowed from Warming Glow and College Humor. They’re blog-a-riffic!

Going to California in 11 days…I may not come back.



If you’ve had a chance to see CNN or any other news source, you’ve seen that California is flaming (no, not that kind of flaming…that’s another blog for another day). But, there are fires to left of us..fires to the right. Here I am…stuck in the middle with you. All of the fires in the state, along with the heat (106 today) are causing the air quality to go from “Unhealthful” to “Tailpipe”. 

I\'m Mr. Heat Miser...cough, cough.
I'm Mr. Heat Miser...cough, cough.

This was a picture that Brenda took yesterday of the sun…Ick.

Does this grill make me look fat?
Does this grill make me look fat?

The worst was yesterday when the winds picked up up and blew the smoke towards the foothill communities. Mind you, I am staying in a town called “Rocklin“. Please look it up on a map…and look and the pretty hills in rests against. You got it. ALL of the smoky goodness was concentrated right here. It was so bad, that we actually had trouble breathing and opening our eyes outside. We did go to Expo Design Center and look at all of the home improvement items that we cannot afford, and then picked up our girls and headed back indoors, to a little slice of heaven called Rubio’s. Mmmmmm, Baja California food….

We almost all share the same last name
We almost all share the same last name

I had 3 “street tacos”, while Brenda enjoyed some good old fashioned Fish Tacos. Really made me want to look at buying that retirement property in Cabo that I keep telling my self I want to buy someday. The problem is, I need to “retire” first. And since I am only 40…we’ve got a long way to go.

Last night was the big “family” meal at Hop Sing’s Chinese in Folsom. That meant…family photo.

My California Travellog…

I have arrived in California. And yes…it’s a dry heat. Try about 100 degrees today, but 0% humidity. Niiiiiice. I can dig that. After arriving yesterday and being awake for about 21 hours straight (with the exception of the near constant state of exhaustion on the plane), I have taken it easy today. We did, however, decide to head to a local park and let the kids play. Since there was little or no shade where the kids could play, we mostly sat on the grass and watched the wild turkeys. Yes…Wild Turkeys (it’s not just a beverage). There were wild turkeys roaming around under the oak tree near our location. My kids thought that this was the coolest thing ever, since they’d only seen turkeys on TV, or wrapped up in the freezer case with the word “BUTTERBALL” across their chest.

Gobble, Gobble...punks.

How wrong am I that I immediately thought “Wow…a little gravy and some marinade…” I also noticed how lean the turkeys were. Not that fat at all, and definately mature since they had chicks. So, what does that say about the typical Thanksgiving turkey? Lazy freaks of nature…getting plumped up just so we can feel like we are eating more…what do they do to those turkeys to fatten them up so much? Gotta be free-range baby.

A little bit of wilderness, in this suburban world.